While talking is a powerful tool, oftentimes experiences and traumas in life get locked into the body. Approaching healing by way of somatic energy modalities, has been found to be more effective than solely talking. Dr. Denise has developed a coaching approach that incorporates somatic energy psychology approaches as well as sexuality mapping, a technique both reviewing the map you have been following in life and creating choice as to how you can continue forward.


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Energy Work

Denise is trained in a variety of energywork and healing techniques.  She is a certified Reiki master and trained in Hand-on-Healing, thai yoga bodywork and chakra alignment and Access Consciousness Bars. This work can be done remotely*, in the same room, with or without touch.

Denise’s lineage of healing was originally passed down through the tools of “occhio” and “massagio”, Italian healing techniques used for mind-body integration.

*Access Consciousness Bars must be done in person, with light touches to the head during the session.


Meditation and Pranayama

The focus of breath and witnessing of the mind are powerful ways to explore the internal landscape. Denise teaches insight-oriented meditation techniques and breath work.

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Psychedelic Integration

In order to process and gain potential wisdom from the sometimes labyrinthian experience of psychedelics, it is wise to integrate it through accessing the consciousness beyond the experience itself. This program has been developed to utilize the mind, body, spirit, and energy as a way to synthesize the experience.

Session Packages and 6 Week in-depth Programs available.



Eclectic, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, Jungian symbolism and archetypal energy, active imagination.

Dr. Renye is a licensed psychologist trained in psychoanalytic, transpersonal and Jungian psychotherapy, She works dynamically through talk with the option of utilizing tools of art therapy, music and sound healing, active imagination and authentic movement. She weaves together eastern philosophy and western psychology in an approach to depth psychology. This work is typically open ended assisting with deeper, longer term change rather than addressing symptoms one by one.

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Ritual Space

Creating space for ritual can help us get in touch with our indigenous roots and culture as well as explore other cultures. Common ritual space in modern culture can easily be seen in wedding ceremonies and funerals as well as religious-based gatherings. However, ritual has been all but lost outside of those contexts (in the West).

Rituals around grief, letting go, celebration of transformation, acknowledgment of the seasons (equinox, solstice), moon phases and life transitions can help align us within.

Rituals may involve walking the labyrinth, creating an altar, or being in nature. 

Rituals are typically a minimum of 3 hours and can be up to multiple days.