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Corporate Yoga

Denise has taught yoga classes in companies ongoing as well as for wellness events.  She currently teaches executives yoga as a way to be flexible in both body and mind. Yoga can be learned as a stand alone practice or it can be woven in with an executive or business coaching package.


Energy Work

Denise is trained in a variety of energywork and healing techniques.  She is a certified Reiki master and trained in Hand-on-Healing, thai yoga bodywork and chakra alignment and BARS. This work can be done remotely, in the same room, with or without touch.

Denise’s lineage of healing was originally passed down through the tools of “occhio” and “massagio”, Italian healing techniques used for mind-body integration.

Holistic Life Coaching

4 pillars- mind (psyche), body (somatic), spirit, energy/sexuality (psyche, somatic

Intuitive Body Movement

  • Engage with you

  • Know your body

  • Increase your body awareness

  • Proprioception expansion and body awareness

Knowing your body through attentive, embodied engagement can help you be your authentic self.  This process will take you through preparation for body movement, experiencing the journey of intuitive body movement and having an integration session. No prior body movement practice necessary. Explore how much your everyday life enjoyment is connected to your capacity to experience pleasure. Allow yourself to receive the body movement with surrender and ease. This is a practice of witnessing how much you do, feel you have to do, or feel pressured to do while simultaneously releasing the reigns with each tiny or large movement. Through the authentic movement of the body in a safe space, the capacity to access your deeper self (unconscious/Self/essence/divine union) becomes more possible.

Dr. Denise Renye developed a practice called: Spontaneous Embodied Spiritual Experience (SESE) as a way to dive deeper into who you really are.


Meditation and Pranayama

The focus of breath and witnessing of the mind are powerful ways to explore the internal landscape. Denise teaches insight-oriented meditation techniques and breath work.


Nature-Based EcoPsychology

Denise assists individuals and couples in deepening their connection with themselves through the earth. Realizing that our internal processes and landscapes can and o get influenced by the earth and its ecosystems (and vice versa!) is profound in the way we live, treat others, and care for the planet.

Doing your own depth psychospiritual exploration is a radical act of environmental activism as people who know themselves more, tend to treat themselves and the earth with more respect, integrity and loving kindness.

Meetings take place on the beach or in the forest.


Private Yoga Instruction

 Denise sees individuals, couples and small groups for private yoga sessions. She is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher with a certified speciality in restorative yoga (through Judith Hansan Lasater)

Restorative yoga calms the central nervous system as it builds the relaxation and receptivity muscle. It can be practiced on it’s own as well as a in conjunction with other forms of yoga, such as hatha and vinyasa.

 Private sessions can be 45, 60 and 90 minutes in length

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Psychedelic Integration*

In order to process and gain potential wisdom from the sometimes labyrinthian experience of psychedelics, it is wise to integrate it through accessing the consciousness beyond the experience itself. This program has been developed to utilize the mind, body, spirit, and energy as a way to synthesize the experience. This 5-10 session program can help you ask questions of your experience so as to explore the possibilities of what you desire in life, what are your capacities and having a deeper knowing, with more information to choose.  *Therapy in CA, coaching everywhere else.


Eclectic, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, Jungian symbolism and archetypal energy, active imagination.

Dr. Renye is a licensed psychologist trained in psychoanalytic, transpersonal and Jungian psychotherapy, She works .dynamically through talk with the option of utilizing tools of art therapy, music and sound healing, active imagination and authentic movement. She weaves together eastern philosophy and western psychology in an approach to depth psychology. This work is typically open ended assisting with deeper, longer term change rather than addressing symptoms one by one.


Ritual Space

Creating space for ritual can help us get in touch with our indigenous roots and culture as well as explore other cultures. Common ritual space in modern culture can easily be seen in wedding ceremonies and funerals as well as religious-based gatherings. However, ritual has been all but lost outside of those contexts (in the West).

Rituals around grief, letting go, celebration of transformation, acknowledgment of the seasons (equinox, solstice), moon phases and life transitions can help align us within.

 Rituals may involve walking the labyrinth, creating an altar, or being in nature. 

Rituals are typically a minimum of 3 hours and can be up to multiple days.


Sex Therapy, Holistic Sex Positive Coaching and Sexuality Mapping

Certified as a sexologist through the American College of Sexologists, Denise offers brief (short term) sex therapy and coaching sessions as an action-oriented tool box for individuals and those in relationship (whatever the creative design is).


Yoga Therapy Coaching Program

A coaching program designed and tailored for yoru needs in the area of self improvement, overall health and wellness and a deepening of your awareness and knowing so you can increase your choices and possibilities of living the life you desire. 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month packages are available.

Denise applies the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother that she learned through her time at their ashram in Delhi and Pondicherry. She has been studying with a mentor, a disciple of their teachings for 12 years.

Denise is certified as a yoga therapist through the International Yoga Therapy Association.