Denise is the most empathetic person that I have ever met. If you ever have a problem, she is the person to go to. It sounds cliche, her being in a profession known for empathy, but psychology is part art form. In addition to the education and research aspect (which Denise excels at), you need a certain un-learnable quality to be able to not just read people, but care about them. Denise finds the humanity in everyone and in every situation. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that she has, and continues to, inspire me.

- C.M., Creative Director

Denise is a remarkably caring, insightful, and mindful person. She has excellent instincts and a tremendous ability to connect to others and help focus on their strengths. I have no doubt that her dedication in academics and personal relationships translate into outstanding clinical skills of the highest degree.

- E.E., LCSW, Regional Burn Center at Lehigh Valley Health Network

Dr. Renye encompasses the true meaning of a caring soul. She has a way of making people feel comfortable with themselves, she's never quick to judge in any situation, and she is constantly seeking the true and right path in any given circumstance. My experience, working with Denise, was a pleasant one, and I get the sense that her desire to help people comes from a very deep seated love of everything that makes us humans the quirky, crazy, sensitive creatures that we are. I highly recommend her services.

- C.H., Designer

You have, I am sure, heard the expression, "fair-weather friend," a derisive term to denote someone with no true loyalties.  I came up with my own expression: "rough-weather friend," to describe the opposite. I consider you a rough-weather friend.  The messaging in your classes is uplifting, and you walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  You are forbearing and tolerant, but you're no doormat; and you call out behavior that is not becoming of our higher nature.  You truly want what is best for others, without that pure intention butting up against ego or narcissism. 

- PF, Workshop Client

As a colleague of Denise, I have always been impressed with her intelligence and dedication to her work. She has always gone the extra mile to gain experience, learn and grow, both as a professional and as a person. She is creative and kind and has strongly held ethical convictions that guide her work, yet she remains flexible and attuned to the needs of her clients. I would refer clients to her without hesitation.

- B.D., Psy.D, Santa Cruz

I have worked with Denise for over a year so far, essentially on Yoga techniques but also on meditation and breathing. She is a very experienced teacher and exceptionally patient and compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone seeking high-quality guidance in these areas.

- N.J., San Francisco

I have made the significant growth over my 6 months of coaching with Denise.  She has taught me and worked collaboratively with me to create a lot of great tools to feel at ease in situations that previously created a lot of stress for me in the office.  This truly helps me on a daily basis.

- M.S., Project Manager and Division Lead

Over the course of six months of coaching with Denise, my confidence has increased both with others as well as myself. I have learned that I have self worth. This effects not only myself, but my team and [company name] overall. I am rejuvenated and learned through tools of mindfulness at the workplace that if I just relax, I can be more productive overall.

- G.W., Entrepreneur, Executive Director

Denise has a great leadership presence and a nice personable touch that made me feel comfortable.  I enjoyed the way she led meetings so that they were informative, supportive, and efficient.  Even during the most difficult work situations, Denise maintained a professional demeanor.   She provided helpful feedback consistently and motivated the team to work together and independently to be very effective at achieving maximum billable hours while still providing excellent customer service. I recommend Denise as a counselor, a coach, and as a consultant that can help strengthen performance and provide better results for you and your organization.

- R.A., Entrepreneur and team employee, Healthcare Management Corporation

Through Denise’s coaching, I feel so much more equipped to dealing with issues that come as a result of tough situations, or disappointing results of conversations or interactions. A great example would be with project pursuits with my customers.  Prior to receiving the coaching from Denise, I would have my mind make up all sorts of reasons why we did not get the job or project, now it is something that does not bother me beyond what it is.  Having this peace of mind and calm is great! I have really grown my ability to listen.  Two specific areas of growth, the ability to focus and really listen and perceive others during conversations, and the patience to not speak first, and not react to the silence that can happen if neither individual is speaking.

- M.S., Project Manager and Division Lead

Coaching has been very effective. Denise helped me communicate clearer with others, and helped me recognize what the best way is to communicate with individuals based on their personalities.

- P.T., Program Developer and Supervisor

Denise is skilled at creating a safe environment to be vulnerable, provided consistency in the coaching received, as well as taught and used smart and simple techniques that were highly effective.

- T.I., Project Executive

Denise is a fantastic coach! I learned a tremendous amount, and respect her greatly as both a person and as a coach. Can't wait to work with her in the future.

- M.H., Project Manager

Denise pushed me to face some hard issues without making it painful.

- J.T., Regional Division Lead