Dr. Renye received her certification in Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Research from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She currently offers individual and group Integration sessions. An important aspect of any psychedelic experience is the synthesis of the deep experience itself. This happens after the experience. Dr. Renye utilizes talk, art, writing, body movement and restorative yoga to assist in this integration process. 

The psychedelic integration process is a practice and tool to help unite the self and raise awareness and consciousness. Consciousness is connecting elements of the unconscious to the ego (Jung, 1940).  The work of psychedelic integration is creating space for this to occur and providing a sound clinical container for a patient to continue deepening this work after the therapeutic journey has taken place. While I am not encouraging any illegal or unethical activity, having a space to process and assimilate intense experiences is necessary in order to make use of it psychologically and transpersonally.  Patients and clients may have been participants in FDA approved research, sought legal out of country experiences, or may find their way to psychedelic use via other avenues not overtly revealed.  The focus here is assisting the individual in the integration of the experience itself.  

There are a variety of psychospiritual and somatically oriented practices that I utilize in this type of work. In my practice, I use creativity to co-create integration sessions with the individual utilizing talk, movement, expressive arts, dream analysis and processing, yoga nidra, etc. 

Jung, C. (1941). The Integration of the Personality. Great Britain: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co.


Psychedelic Integration Sessions

5-10 Sessions

In order to process and gain potential wisdom from the sometimes labyrinthian experience of psychedelics, it is wise to integrate it through accessing the consciousness beyond the experience itself. This program has been developed to utilize the mind, body, spirit, and energy as a way to synthesize the experience. This 5-10 session program can help you ask questions of your experience so as to explore the possibilities of what you desire in life, what are your capacities and having a deeper knowing, with more information to choose.  *Therapy in CA, coaching everywhere else.

Psychedelic Integration Program

6 Week Program

Having a deep psychospiritual experience with psychedelics can be very transformative, intense, and also sometimes a challenge to both make sense of and reap the connective benefits of. These experiences are connective of mind and body but if there isn’t intentional integration post journey, you may be left swimming in confusion or feeling as though the experience didn’t quite hit the mark in terms of depths of gaining the deeper understanding of self you had hoped for.

OUR TARGET FOR YOU - This program is designed to help you reflect and assimilate the psychedelic experience so you can reap the benefits of this transformational journey you went on.

DURATION - It is a 6 week program of individualized coaching, group coaching, and an optional body movement and art therapy based integration circle.

GENDER - There is a mixed gender circle as well as a self identified women’s circle.

Psychedelic Integration + Sexuality Coaching

6 Week Program

Oftentimes specific material and revelations around sexuality, sexualness, sensuality, gender and orientation expression, desire and patterns arises. Having a space to integrate this new or deeper awareness is key to choosing from the new level of consciousness that you may be experiencing post psychedelic experience. In this program I will teach and utilize mind-body techniques and tools for you to deepen your psychospiritual understanding.

TAILORED FOR YOU - This program will be tailored for you specifically. It is a 6 week program of individualized coaching, group coaching, and an optional body movement and art therapy based integration circle.

GENDER - There is a mixed gender circle as well as a self identified women’s circle.



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