Clinical Psychologist, Certified Sexologist, Yoga Therapist.

Dr. Denise Renye is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified sexologist, executive coach, certified yoga therapist and psychedelic integrationist. She has a friendly, down-to-earth and professional approach that will put you at ease when talking about sensitive subjects. She has specialized training and has worked directly with people in the areas of sexuality, relationships, states of consciousness, psychedelic integration and intimacy. She holds a Masters degrees in Human Sexuality from Widener University (Philadelphia), one of two accredited scholastic programs in human sexuality located in the US.  She also holds both a Masters degree and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, from The California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco), a professional school of psychology that focuses on the the integration of Eastern Philosophy/Practice and Western Psychology.

Dr. Denise was in the first cohort to graduate from the Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Research Program at CIIS and provides psychedelic integration individually and in group settings, focusing on somatics and sexuality. She has studied embodied spiritual practices nationally and internationally through research and experiential learning and has conducted and published research on embodied psycho-spirituality.

Dr. Renye's practice has evolved over decades of devotion to various forms of study including dance/dance therapy, yoga/yoga therapy, somatic and energy psychology modalities, psychoanalysis, Jungian therapy, EMDR, sex therapy, energy modalities, rape crisis counseling and court advocacy, Early Intervention for infants and families, and substance/process addiction intervention.

She is highly trained in many diverse modalities and has worked with men and women from all walks of life conducting therapy, coaching, consultation and ritual. 

She has created a program making services available to more people from all socio-economic classes to access insight-oriented therapy and coaching (ask me about my Blue Collar Wellness Initiative Program).

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Western Clinical Approach

Dr. Denise Renye - Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Clinical Sexologist - works with individuals, couples and groups using evidence based clinical psychology techniques. She holds the following degrees from accredited educational institutions:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology from LaSalle University

  • Masters degree in human sexuality from Widener University

  • Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from CIIS

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from CIIS

She is highly trained in the following talk therapy techniques to address root causes of psychological and sexual concerns: psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Jungian psychotherapy, sensate focus exercises assignment, mindfulness, eclectic approach, brief-solution focused, insight oriented, transpersonal, systems theory and EFT.

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Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.
— Carl Jung

Western Clinical psychological applications of Eastern Approaches

  • Healing arts modalities

  • Yogic philosophy underpinnings

  • Healing from within

  • Learning tools to explore the inner landscape

  • Energy psychology

  • Symbolic resonances

  • Yoni and lingnam

  • The union of the divine masculine and feminine

  • Religious symbolism sans religion

  • Somatic psychology

  • Expansion

  • Infinite possibilities

  • Psychedelic integration

  • Integration of the parts of the self

  • Whole person

  • Looking within

  • Art meets spirituality meets psychology

  • Ritual

  • Meditation

  • Existential self awareness

  • Mental tranquilization

  • Dynamic self awareness

  • More choice in life, more awareness

  • Psychological healing housed in Integral Yogic applications

  • Balance

  • Healing


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