Coaching is an approach that is different from therapy in that it focuses on specific life areas through a well designed course that leads to specific goals you want to work towards.
— Dr. Denise Renye

Differences Between Therapy and Coaching

Coaching drastically differs from psychotherapy in that coaching uses a step by step process to living the life you want. It doesn’t delve deeply into the past of childhood, old memories or trauma.  These areas may be touched upon in session, but only in the service of looking at the present and how to move forward. Therapy helps you understand where you’ve been, how long standing patterns and ways of living that you learned early in life developed and may be continuously influencing how you live now, and how you can make deep shifts in your long entrenched make-up of yourself. The process of therapy tends to be more involved, longer duration and more broadly articulated goals.

Coaching helps you get the tools and tips you need for that specific goal or change through the use of action plans.  Coaching, through time limited sessions and packages, offers clients tools they can use to get respite from their current state of mind and affairs and decide how to make changes that will go into effect immediately.


Executive/Business Coaching, Team Building and Meeting Facilitation

Dr. Denise has owned her own consulting company, Whole Person Consultation, and worked in Industrial Organizational Psychology in a multitude of capacities.  She develops programs for executive coaching and team building. She specializes in facilitation of class differences in such sites as construction management companies. 

Dr. Denise worked developing nationwide programs launched in regions around the country to address class, interpersonal and gender issues that arose on teams. She implemented phased programs that has successfully increased revenue by addressing EQ in individuals and groups. 

Holistic Integrative Life Coaching

 Dr. Denise also works using a model of holistic integrative life coaching, meaning she has designed coaching programs and sessions that foster space for you to examine and choose differently in all areas of life: physical, mental, sexual, spiritual, career, intimacy and relationship. She offers a practical approach that is streamlined to help you achieve your specific goal(s) and to help you live the life you want rather than the one you “should.” Dr. Denise is certified through the Integrative Wellness Academy in holistic life coaching. 

Dr. Denise offers specific coaching programs as well as individual coaching sessions. 

Current Coaching Programs*: 

Discovering the Divine Feminine Within 

Psychedelic Integration Coaching Program



"I have made the significant growth over my 6 months of coaching with Denise.  She has taught me and worked collaboratively with me to create a lot of great tools to feel at ease in situations that previously created a lot of stress for me in the office.  This truly helps me on a daily basis."

                                                                    -M.S., Project Manager and Division Lead


"Over the course of six months of coaching with Denise, my confidence has increased both with others as well as myself. I have learned that I have self worth. This effects not only myself, but my team and [company name] overall. I am rejuvenated and learned through tools of mindfulness at the workplace that if I just relax, I can be more productive overall." 

                                                                          -G.W., Entrepreneur, Executive Director

Denise has a great leadership presence and a nice personable touch that made me feel comfortable.  I enjoyed the way she led meetings so that they were informative, supportive, and efficient.  Even during the most difficult work situations, Denise maintained a professional demeanor.   She provided helpful feedback consistently and motivated the team to work together and independently to be very effective at achieving maximum billable hours while still providing excellent customer service. recommend Denise as a counselor, a coach, and as a consultant that can help strengthen performance and provide better results for you and your organization."                                                                               -R.A., Entrepreneur and team employee,                                                                                      Healthcare Management Corporation

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Photo by: In Her Image

Photo by: In Her Image


*Coaching programs are non-refundable once agreed upon and paid for.