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Absolute Beginner’s Yoga for Men

This class is for any self-identified man who want to deepen his practice. Perhaps you’ve been to a class or two or maybe you’ve been going regularly but you would like to take a deeper dive to experience what yoga has to offer on a mind, body and spirit level. This 6-week series will introduce you to different types of yoga, basic poses of each, as well as breathing techniques (pranayama).  Focus will be on four different types of yoga: hatha, yin, chakra and restorative. Don’t worry, being flexible is not a prerequisite.


Whole Person Yoga Therapy Coaching Program

6 Month Program

This is a whole person deep dive in the nooks and crannies of who you are! A personalized and specifically tailored to you blend of coaching, yoga, and energy work. We will work specifically around a concern or area wherein you would like to experience transformation. The structure of the program slightly varies person to person as to how often you have your coaching sessions, whether they are virtual or in-person, and what you want to focus on.


Whole Person Yoga Therapy Mini Coaching Program

3 Month Program

Not ready for as deep of a dive? This is a mini version of the above.


Women's Psychedelic Integration Circle: Focus on Sexuality

Women exploring their internal landscapes through the use of psychedelic medicines is raising the consciousness of the planet. Whether this exploration was recent or in the past, in a circle, individually or with a partner, having a space to weave the insights from the alternate states of consciousness into everyday life is key. Oftentimes themes of sexuality and sensuality may arise during ceremonial context or directly in ceremony. This space is for integration of these themes more specifically.

This Integration Circle is designed for women who have had a psychedelic experience and desire a space to process and allow the seeds that were planted then to bloom now. Psychedelic experiences need and take time to integrate into the psyche and the spirit. This circle will meet on Zoom video.

Note: This group does not promote the use of any illegal substances or activity.


Dwelling in our Bodies: A Mindfulness Class for Sex Workers

In this class you will learn mindfulness techniques and exercises.  The class is geared towards both beginning practitioners of mindfulness meditation as well as those who already have a practice and want to deepen their practice as well as connect with others who are like minded.  This class runs on 6-8 week cycles and meets for 6 sessions. No mindfulness meditation experience necessary.

This group is for self identified sex workers. This includes people who have sex for money, have private websites, work for another website, peepshow work, work in porn stores, work phone sex lines, do bodywork and massage, fetish workers, tantrikas, work at a sex club, work for porn companies, etc.