This isn’t just about sex.

On the contrary! Through mind, body and soul integration your wellness and life experience can be enhanced. We tend to live in our heads and in our own minds. We may need to do this for work, because it’s “safer” or because that’s just how we have operated for many years and we’ve gotten by so far. But this type of existence leaves us yearning for more. It leaves us feeling a deep, and sometimes subtle but lingering, sense of not-quite-right-ness. One way a lot of people attempt to reconnect their overworked minds with their bodies is through sex.

But it is about sex.

Sexuality and sexual expression can be fun, pleasurable, and something excitedly anticipated. It can also, at times, be frustrating and confusing or feel stale, uninteresting or contrived. Through understanding the connection between the body (soma) and the mind (psyche), and even understanding that they are actually not separate at all, you can have a more enriched living experience. We all want that as human beings, don’t we?

What about specific issues?

No worries! As a Sexologist, I’ve had experience working with a diverse and wide range of people and concerns  that span genders, age groups, class, and race. What I don’t want is for you to think there’s not a bigger connection between sexual pleasure and your overall happiness and satisfaction in life. I am a highly trained expert with a lot of personal life experience. Think of me as a Sexologist with a sprinkle of a life coach!

What’s the next step?

There a number of options for you! You can sign up for  single coaching session  to try it out; sign up for a  coaching package  for tremendous savings; or look through my library of info products that might be able to help you in specific areas. The choice is yours!




Sex Therapy, Holistic Sex Positive Coaching and Sexuality Mapping

Certified as a sexologist through the American College of Sexologists, Denise offers brief (short term) sex therapy and coaching sessions as an action-oriented tool box for individuals and those in relationship (whatever the creative design is).

Sex-Positive Consulting, Education and Coaching

Mixed messages that split us from our sexuality is one of the most common things we are taught as children and adults. I utilize a sex-positive and embodiment philosophy approach to sessions that allows for a non judgmental, compassionate and understanding, wherein the joys of sexuality are held as important, together with responsibility.


Dwelling in our Bodies: A Mindfulness Class for Sex Workers

6 Part Workshop

In this class you will learn mindfulness techniques and exercises.  The class is geared towards both beginning practitioners of mindfulness meditation as well as those who already have a practice and want to deepen their practice as well as connect with others who are like minded.  This class runs on 6-8 week cycles and meets for 6 sessions. No mindfulness meditation experience necessary.

This group is for self identified sex workers. This includes people who have sex for money, have private websites, work for another website, peepshow work, work in porn stores, work phone sex lines, do bodywork and massage, fetish workers, tantrikas, work at a sex club, work for porn companies, etc.

Sexuality Mapping

8 Week Coaching Program

Explore the patterns that have unconsciously been creating your life. These patterns have been a long time in the making. They are your own, as well as those you have inherited from your culture and family lineage. The energies of your family’s views on, traumas of and misunderstandings of sexuality live within you. Through this program, you dive deep into your internal landscape and know that you get to make different choices going forward. As more understanding of epigenetics is published, we have a greater awareness based in science of how we relive the patterning passed down to us by our ancestors. This coaching program allows for you to simultaneously organically and systematically delve deep into what has happened so that you can choose consciously going forward.

This is an eight week reflection and action oriented program.

The Intimate Couple

8 Week Coaching Program

This is a program for partners, teaching tips and techniques for reaching new levels of sensual and sexual excitement through body awakening. Deepen your awareness of pleasure. Learn to understand the subtleties of body awareness and sensuality. Take your intimacy to a higher level through exercises, practices of communication skills and somatic experience.

This 8 week program is for all sexual orientations and gender expressions as well as relationship designs. 

Women's Psychedelic Integration Circle: Focus on Sexuality

Women exploring their internal landscapes through the use of psychedelic medicines is raising the consciousness of the planet. Whether this exploration was recent or in the past, in a circle, individually or with a partner, having a space to weave the insights from the alternate states of consciousness into everyday life is key. Oftentimes themes of sexuality and sensuality may arise during ceremonial context or directly in ceremony. This space is for integration of these themes more specifically.

This Integration Circle is designed for women who have had a psychedelic experience and desire a space to process and allow the seeds that were planted then to bloom now. Psychedelic experiences need and take time to integrate into the psyche and the spirit. This circle will meet on Zoom video.

Note: This group does not promote the use of any illegal substances or activity.



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We see the other with the eye of the heart, an eye not clouded by fear manifesting as need, jealousy, possessiveness, or manipulation. With the unclouded eye of the heart, we can see the other as other. We can rejoice in the other, challenge the other, and embrace the other without losing our own center or taking anything away from the other. We are always other to each other — soul meeting soul, the body awakened with joy. To love unconditionally requires no contracts, bargains, or agreements. Love exists in the moment-to-moment flux of life.