Dr. Denise Renye

Dr. Denise Renye is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified sexologist, executive coach, certified yoga therapist and psychedelic integrationist. She has a friendly, down-to-earth and professional approach that will put you at ease when talking about sensitive subjects. She has specialized training and has worked directly with people in the areas of sexuality, relationships, states of consciousness, psychedelic integration and intimacy. She holds a Masters degrees in Human Sexuality from Widener University (Philadelphia), one of two accredited scholastic programs in human sexuality located in the US.  She also holds both a Masters degree and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, from The California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco), a professional school of psychology that focuses on the the integration of Eastern Philosophy/Practice and Western Psychology. Dr. Denise was in the first cohort to graduate from the Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Research Program at CIIS and provides psychedelic integration individually and in group settings, focusing on somatics and sexuality. She has studied embodied spiritual practices nationally and internationally through research and experiential learning and has conducted and published research on embodied psycho-spirituality.

Dr. Renye's practice has evolved over decades of devotion to various forms of study including dance/dance therapy, yoga/yoga therapy, somatic and energy psychology modalities, psychoanalysis, Jungian therapy, EMDR, sex therapy, energy modalities, rape crisis counseling and court advocacy, Early Intervention for infants and families, and substance/process addiction intervention.

She is highly trained in many diverse modalities and has worked with men and women from all walks of life conducting therapy, coaching, consultation and ritual. 

She has created a program making services available to more people from all socio-economic classes to access insight-oriented therapy and coaching (ask me about my Blue Collar Wellness Initiative Program)



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Dr. Denise Renye, Curriculum Vitae


Psy.D. Clinical Psychology

August 2006-June 2011

                               California Institute for Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA                             

                               American Psychological Association Accredited Program

       research: Spontaneous Embodied Spiritual Experience of Movement and Being Moved: A Qualitative Analysis          


M.A. Clinical Psychology

August 2006-August 2008

                               California Institute of Integral Studies  


M.Ed. Human Sexuality

January 2005-August 2006

                               Widener University, Chester, PA                      

        Focus: 1-Sexuality and Spirituality; The inclusion of yoga in Addiction and Eating Disorder Treatment

                   2-Partner support for lesbians with breast cancer


 B.A. Psychology, August 1997-May 2001

                               La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA


Professional Experience:

Sonoma State University Counseling and Psychological Center

Focus: Mindful Eating, Sexuality, Wellness through Body Movement,
           Brief Psychodynamic, solutions focused and Mindfulness CBT 

Access Institute for Psychological Services

Certification: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

South of Market Mental Health:Department of Public Health Community Behavioral Health Section

Focus: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts, Smoking Cessation


The James B. Bryson Institute:Attic Youth Center Center for L/G/B/T/Q/I youth

Focus: Sexual (Mental) Health, development of (bi)sexuality understanding and acceptance, high school outreach

and faith based community outreach


Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation:Rainbow Circle and Removing the Barriers Curriculum Work

Focus: Psychoeducational outreach and counseling, curriculum development


Friends Hospital:A Comprehensive Behavioral Health System

Focus: Psychoeducation, family and peer counseling, multidisciplinary team 


Mazzoni Center: LGBT Health and Well Being 

Focus: smoking cessation, humanistic psychology, multidisciplinary holistic daylongs


Women Organized Against Rape

Focus: Hotline and crisis intervention counseling, courtroom advocacy,
and family counseling support groups

Volunteers of America: Integrated Services Supporting Independence

Focus: veteran soldiers support group, workshops on career development, dual diagnosis,
and expressive arts


Jessie Autism Project

Focus: Respite care, nutrition/diet/exercise treatment plan development, Applied Behavioral Analysis and
social intervention techniques 


New Perspectives Center for Counseling

Focus: Administrative Director 


Philadelphia Health Management Corporation

Focus: Program Supervisor, Team Building, Service Coordinator,
Early Interventionist (infant to 3 years old), Applied Behavioral Analysis, Autism


Bancroft Neurohealth  

Focus:Rehabilitation Assistant, Women and Rehabilitation from Brain Injury, Gambling and
Substance Addiction Rehabilitation


Travel Study

Focus: Embodied Spirituality and psychology

Holy Hills of Fruska Gora
Focus: Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Mysticism, Psychology and Culture 

Focus: Yoga, Meditation, and Sacred Chanting 

Focus: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Sexuality

South Korea
Focus: Sexuality, Sex Workers, Breathwork

Focus: Working Clinically with Sex Workers and their Clients



Photo by: In Her Image

Photo by: In Her Image


PSY#28096 Licensed Psychologist