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Yoga for Empaths

  • Purusha Yoga 3729 Balboa Street San Francisco, CA, 94121 United States (map)

Are you an Empath, introvert and/or sensitive person?

Do you find yourself often overwhelmed?

Empaths have the capacity to sense what other people are feeling and may absorb the subtle energies of others. 

Do you explore and understand the world experientially, taking on others’ pains, pleasures and ways of being?

If so, you will enjoy this class as a means of recharging, protecting, and establishing your own true nature and energy.  

Empaths and Sensitive people require a longer transition between work and rest, social and personal time.  Without these conscious transitions you may experience body stiffness, awkwardness and thought confusion. 

Deeper body awareness and somatic practices are vital skills to learn.

These practices will help you thrive in an extroverted world.

 This class is for you if you self-identify or are curious about what it means to be an empath.  

In this class you will experience and learn how to use a variety of classic yoga practices as well as modern science connections to become more aware and able to create the balanced and vital life you desire.

Includes: Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mindful and Meditative practices.  Appropriate for all levels.